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A Tale of Sorcery...Book Review(dairy, gluten and spoiler-free)

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Following that inspirational quote, it's time to launch right into my spoiler-free book review of A Tale of Sorcery... by Chris Colfer.

Let’s talk about Chris. I’m introducing this new thing where each time I talk about an author I mention their net worth because really that’s what always impresses me the most out of any details. So, this actor, singer and author has a net worth of $10 million. Not bad for a 31-year-old. The series he’s most famous for is A Land of Stories but his latest books in the A Tale of Magic series are definitely worthy rivals.

Video option that is honestly a lot more engaging (probably because it has my beautiful face on it!)

So, time for my world-famous plot enticers. Okay…Brystal is cursed, her home kingdom has fallen and an ancient evil is rising. A close friend has been framed for a crime he swears he didn’t commit. But everyone assumes he’s lying and Brystal is forced to propose one final high-stake adventure off to an unknown land accompanied by sworn enemies. Good times, really.

Time is running out and they realize it might be time to summon back a deadly evil in order to stop the current evil. Yeah, cause that always works.

Honestly, that plot enticer is selling it a bit short as the best parts of A Tale of Sorcery is the surprises which of course would spoil the plot if I mentioned them.

Without going into detail I would say that the ending was the most satisfying part as it was a massive battle and they’re always kind of awesome. The other shout-out for this book goes to Seven.

He’s a character just in case people hadn’t figured that out and what a character he is.

There’s always one like him and they’re just too much fun. These sorts of villains are hard to describe so I’ll try and give examples from some other books.

You know in Skulduggery Pleasant how there’s that wannabe evil dude called Scapegrace and he just progresses from murder is an art to zombie horde leader, head in a jar, and a lot more, all the while being absolutely hilarious. Yeah, Seven is kind of like that.

My apologies for anyone who hasn’t read Skulduggery Pleasant as comparing a character from A Tale of Sorcery…. to a pickled head in a jar probably isn’t that helpful. So, you’re just going to have to trust me on this that they’re super funny.

Bad stuff. Once again this is really tough without spoilers however basically every new character in this book was terrible.

All the old ones stayed strong, keeping up their same humour and just personalities but everyone introduced was weak and underdeveloped. The plot was a bit better but the island that they traveled to was bad for the same reason, it was all new characters and they were all pretty terrible. Just know quickly that this is all relative and the book wasn’t bad it just doesn’t really hold up when compared to other novels by Chris Colfer.

Age recommendation. A Tale of Sorcery is marketed at that wonderful 8–12-year-old age group that has been really popular lately following the success of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Related books. Of course other work Chris Colfer, specifically The Land of Stories, that’s always pretty obvious. I would recommend who let the gods out by Maz Evans. It has that same sort of silly fantasy and is all about the Greek Gods but in a really playful funny way. I only have the second book if anyone is wondering about that.

For older fans of this series I would suggest Eragon by Christopher Paolini as it has the same kingdom and magical creature vibes but in a more serious way.

Rating time. For plot, I’m going to go with 7 out of ten because the dragon island was underwhelming but the alchemists' lair was cool. Character is receiving a 6 out of ten because all the new people were boring. Old friends remained good but something about the other characters just didn’t click for me. Overall suspense and writing skill is receiving a 7 out of 10 because the writing was great but the suspense was lessened by the plot and characters.

Overall, it has earnt a 7 out of 10 which feels harsh for an author I love. It’s because of this that I will say a disclaimer as I do just fall outside the intended age of its readers and while I do my best to take that into consideration it is a factor. I still recommend A Tale of Sorcery and all of Chris Colfer’s work particularly for those aged 8 to 12.

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