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Dragonwatch: Return of the Dragon Slayers (NO SPOILER BOOK REVIEW)

Brandon Mull is the #1 New York Times bestselling author and writing genius behind Fablehaven, The Five Kingdoms, Beyonders, and Dragonwatch, the highly anticipated sequel series to Fablehaven. Dragonwatch: Return of the Dragon Slayers is the stunning conclusion to the series and the entire magical world that was built.

The dragon King Celebrant is done with mere schemes and jailbreaks, instead setting his sights on the legendary Kingdom of Selona. Our two sibling heroes, Kendra and Seth must separate once again in their desperation to stop all the threats before it is too late. And there are many, many threats. Ancient curses, a Giant uprising, and an assortment of Dragon Slayers are just the beginning.

(video option for those that are like me that love to read yet would never actually read a whole review 😁)

Yet help can be found from the most unexpected and smallest of people and our heroes' full potential is only just being realized. Still, when the dust settles in this final battle, the Dragon War will finally be over, one way or another.

Age recommendation. I’m going to say 9 to 15 but I honestly don’t have too much to back it up. Much older than fifteen and it may get a bit boring just because it’s marked at a younger age group. With the nine years and older, that’s because they are pretty thick books and for the average eight-year-old, they’re just entering complete novels and will need to work up to something like this.

Similar recommended books. See this is one of the most fun parts of any post for me as I just get to rant about a bunch of series I love. However, I do my best to keep them relevant and for anyone wondering, I have of course read all of these. The 39 clues. I know this series ended a while back however I feel like it deserves its own video just because of its insane awesomeness. Combine the literary genius of our very own Brandon Mull with Rick Riordan and a whole host of others and you achieve something truly incredible. That’s collaborative fiction at its best.

Okay, the highly anticipated star rating. The plot is amazing however those factors about the slightly generic good vs evil do have to be taken into account which is why I’m giving it an 8 out of ten for the storyline. Going into this I would have given the rest of the series an 8 out of ten for characters however in Dragonwatch: Return of the Dragonslayers it really went up a notch. The key turning point was Knox who previously had seemed really out of place for me but in this final book, he just went insane. Sadly, no spoilers however if you read this you will notice how he’s suddenly so much more relatable and actually relevant. And for the record, the time he killed one demon doesn’t count. I mean get over yourself, demon-killing is like so last series. Dragons are all the rage this time of year.

For my final category of writing skill and suspense book 5 has earned 9 out of 10. There’s not much to explain there as the name writing skill and suspense kind of summarises it all. Overall, Dragonwatch: Return of the Dragon Slayers is awarded the exceptional nine out of ten.

I went into this with high hopes yet low expectations because it's hard to finish something that has spanned so many books and been so successful. However, it was perfect and concluded this entire world in a wholly satisfying manner.

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