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REVIEW: KidVenture: Twelve Weeks To Midnight Blue by Steve Searfoss

Chase starts the summer like any other kid. What little cash he has is spent on ice cream and his time filled with soccer and sleeping.

Yet, when his father gives him the chance to earn some extra money by cleaning the family pool he jumps on the opportunity. He wants to buy his dream bike, Midnight Blue however he's not earning nearly enough money to get it in time.

As Chase struggles to find a solution to the common problem of not having enough money he has to learn valuable business skills. Simply asking for more doesn't always work and can actually lose potential customers.

Throughout the book, he has to make many tough decisions in order to help grow his pool cleaning company. Does he want to take on a company partner? How should they spread the word to everyone? Can his friend also be an employee?

At the end of each chapter, the reader is asked to reflect on these questions and consider what they would do in each situation. This was extremely important as it cements the business ideas that our author, Steve Searfoss introduces throughout.

This was a simple and funny book that shares valuable skills. It is bound to get even the most reluctant children inspired to go out and make their very own company.

Parents will love how they're out of the house 😁, coming up with new ideas and better understanding the world of commerce that will be their future.

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