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The book that KILLED JK Rowling's reputation

Harry Potter is pretty great. Yet somewhere along the way, JK Rowling got a little lost and we ended up with the mess you see before you. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

(For those of you who can't be bothered to read this, then this is the visual option. Enjoy!)

Yuk! This is so bad. Now, admittedly I haven’t read it in while but this feeling of just disappointment has stayed with me. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is the sequel to the Harry Potter series and it is designed and written in script format. You know, it’s always tough to finish a great series. Using a personal example, I’m already sad that Skulduggery Pleasant will be ending soon. So when something so successful as that ends it's easy to ask why the author doesn't just write some sequel, spinning of some minor characters into whole new adventures. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is why.

It would be easy to blame the fact that it’s written as a script. But it’s a lot more than that. However, before I dive into my harsh criticism, I want it to be known to all those fuming Harry Potter fans right now that I absolutely love the series. I even support making a movie edition of the Cursed Child despite all of the things I’m about to say. Still, I think it’s hard to deny that when it comes to this, JK messed up.

Problem 1: Wait a second, Harry is bad. Obviously for those of you who despite my warnings still want to read this I will not be giving any spoilers but only brush over details that become immediately clear.

Okay, so Harry isn’t evil or anything but he’s a pretty bad Dad. What happened to the smiling figure at Platform 9 ¾ that told his scared son he doesn’t care which house he’s in and that he knew two great headmasters and one of them Snape was from Slytherin blah blah blah. He just immediately backtracked on this and was trying to limit his friends and control his life. Maybe with any other series you could get away with something like this but not Harry Potter. Not the bestselling series of all time. No, you just can’t get away with completely shattering kind Harry and replacing him this control freak.

Problem 2: Timeturners. They’re bad. All of us have to admit they’re a little weak. Now, I will say quickly that I am super keen to see this as a play, if I somehow ever get a chance because the use of timeturners in this is great, absolutely awesome but they just seem like, I don’t know, too easy. Other authors maybe but JK Rowling has established her high level of skill and had so many opportunities to pursue with this sequel. I get wanting to link it to the original series and plot but at the same time timeturners seem like a bit of an easy way out.

Problem 3: You ruined my story! Harry Potter has the largest amount of fan fiction ever written for a single series and while I have never made any I know that many people have. This is definitely the most minor of my problems however it was kind of cool for everyone to imagine Harry Potter for themselves. Does Ginny die, does Ron learn transfiguration or does Draco even become Headmaster of Hogwarts. Who knows? The point is that everyone could create their own Harry Potter world. While many theories technically happen after the events of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child it does for the most part ruin their magic.

Okay, today we debunked the book that killed JK Rowling’s reputation. I want to finish in a bit more of a moderate manner by saying that I bought the book, I’ve kept it and you know thinking back on it I’d probably still recommend it. It’s funny how after sharing this in front of the camera and despite all these reasons I kind of want to reread it. So, you know what I dunno. I guess what I’m trying to say is that you shouldn't assume it’s going to be great just because you like Harry Potter.

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