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The Gilded Cage by Lynette Noni: Book Review

Lynette Noni is the number one bestselling Australia YA author and her work includes the Whisper Duology, the Medoran chronicles and the Prison Healer trilogy of which the Gilded Cage is the second book. In all of her work, Noni combines her own unique take on the idea of magic with a hint of madness to create a chaotic concoction guaranteed to keep even the harshest critic on the edge of their seat.

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Our main character, Kiva is living a lie and the problem is that she is starting to enjoy it. Having been whisked away from Zalindov, the legendary prison she’d spent most of her life in, alongside the handsome Prince Jaron, there had not been the chance to think about her life plans. Her identity as the new Rebel Queen may be a secret for now but if her new friends the royal family were to ever learn of this treachery Kiva knew they would not hesitate to end her. She is playing a dangerous game, trying to keep everyone that she loves while hiding her true feelings from them all.

Kiva must decide once and for all. Her past and family or her future and friends. Every moment she waits is risking discovery and death. Kiva had dared to dream and now if she’s not careful that dream might burn before her very eyes, bringing herself and the entire kingdom down with it.

Readers of the Prison Healer will enjoy how the Gilded Cage builds on the original concepts and characters adding new description and depth to them, making it almost like we’re rediscovering old friends, except these old friends are often sworn enemies.

It is hard to fault Noni’s use of a pristine plot, rich characters and relevant setting. A constantly captivating novel, the Gilded Cage is a perfect example of Young Adult fantasy at its best.

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